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Everything is movement.  We are One. These are challenging times. The world develops through cycles of destruction hidden behind wars and spectacle, one creates to keep a mind safe and sane. One fights  Sensations that do not belong Now they're ours.    We are One.  What is me? You: I feel us. We keep on moving. I am not hiding, I won't anymore. my revelation.  Our revelation.  Striving for balance I am that balance. I feel.  (We can feel me because you are me and I'm yours. Not an original over branded product of our contemporary loafin' but a door to dreams of unity). Myself. Sometimes,  locked inside of repetitive structures of emancipation I dance.  Hypnotic behaviour leads to loneliness and still we thrive, together.  The sex.  There's fluidity between us and nothing else and so we flow.  Together apart. This is not our first time and still everything is new.  The figment of our imaginations  That lead us forward and yet. All remains in the same place.  Such a weird sensation of balance.

About Deepneue

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Deepneue is a genre-transcending musical innovator on a mission to break down conventional boundaries. His unique soundscapes resonate with a global audience, earning him accolades and recognition from industry giants like DJ MAG. With his third original release, "Weird Sensation of(f) Balance," he delves into themes of nonconformity, identity, and crisis, inviting listeners to an immersive auditory journey that defies expectations. Rooted in a diverse musical journey that began with African folk rhythms and evolved through pop and '90s electronic influences, Deepneue's performances on iconic European stages have solidified his reputation as a captivating trailblazer. His music encourages individuality as a means to bridge connections, defy conformity, and celebrate the profound intricacies of existence, offering a harmonious rebellion against societal norms.

Press Release

The “weird sensation” of breaking the binary
Deepneue’s latest electronic EP brings us into the extra-ordinary

The Portuguese music artist Deepneue pushes the boundaries of his identity in his new dance EP weird sensation off/balance, describing life and people outside the concept of binary. 

Deepneue, the Berlin-based musician, grew up in Lisbon. His passion for music started developing during his childhood, brought up in an environment in which family parties were a tradition where all his family danced and sang folk music of African descent. Growing up he developed his musical identity starting with pop and Spice Girls and landing to the influence of ‘90s trance and techno raves. The artist created the name Deepneue from a wordplay between English and German, which means literally ‘new deep’, and also plays with the Portuguese pronunciation of the word ‘Neue’ that becomes noia, thought: deep thought. In his most recent musical career, the artist has played in European techno clubs the likes of Tresor and Watergate in Berlin and The Egg and FOLD in London, with the highlight of being part of the epic first Boiler Room in Sofia, Bulgaria. After the release of his previous EPs: Paradisaeidae, self-released with the label DARKROOMMAFIA, subdivision of the Pornceptual collective, and Un[bridle]d, released with the Portuguese Kepler Live. With his new EP weird sensation off/balance, Deepneue goes through a journey, pushing the boundaries of his identity and exploring the “weird sensation” of being in the middle, unbalanced, nonconforming, non-binary. 

The EP speaks about his interior journey, an exploration of “introspection and interoception”. The artist brings the listener with him, dancing through fixed structures, in the pursuit of fluidity and flow. The attempt is to explain and express this weird sensation once realised that life is not linear or binary but is a cycle, made of loss and conquest, two seemingly opposite concepts that end up coexisting. 

With weird sensation off/balance, his third EP, Deepneue finds his personal style. The intent is to give the idea of the multifaceted human nature, often complex and hard to label. This is to rebel against what he calls “contemporary loafin”, a laziness that is alluring yet consuming. Expressing his individuality instead, he hopes to build unity through music.

Release date: 03.11.2023

“Deepneue’s talent across a wide range of music is why his profile continues to pop.” 






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