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The House of Les Mirabilia breaks outside the traditional structures of a record label by encompassing all forms of art, joining music and visuals together to tell meaningful stories through giving our listeners an immersive experience. Without placing any limitations on the type of art used, Les Mirabilia is truly a unique multi-concept project and the first of its kind. As a Record Label, Les Mirabilia operates in record production, distribution, A&R, and artist management. With a focus on creating transparency and equality within the music industry, Les Mirabilia aims to help end discrimination by granting/securing artists the recognition they deserve, regardless of race, sexuality or gender. 


The House of Les Mirabilia also consists of multiple other properties, such as LM X TV, Celui Noir and our Xpulent Magazine. Our live property, Celui noir, is an amalgamation art, music, fashion and culture which provides an immersive experience in a safe space.


Les Mirabilia works with artists from all across the globe and from a multitude of genres, who all have one thing in common; the desire to tell a story. We believe in connecting with our visionary artists as well as the community surrounding them to initiate a discussion. We believe in the concept of utilising music to share impactful stories and experiences which resonate with our audience, creating a movement that extends beyond the scope of music for both our listeners and our artists. 


We believe in utilising music to educate and tell a story- what is it you are passionate about? Step into the world of Les Mirabilia and let your imagination be tested.

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