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"Follow us on pilgrimage on the exclusive CELUI mixes featuring artists around the world and let it go, feel the change that music will bring to life as you move and dance with us without any fear. In the end, the world is won by those who let it go."

Available Mixes

Originating from Italy and Indonesia, Tempestfeather is a music selector, writer and creative based in Berlin. As a music selector, her sound was conceived in Cairo, shaped in London and refined in Berlin. Drawing on a diverse range of influences, Tempestfeather’s DJ sets blend tempos and style in a polychromatic, textured sonic experience – leaning towards a left-field, bass-heavy sound that is not bound by genres.

03 Sept, 2022 · 68 min

Laventia is a producer/DJ from Athens, Greece, currently living in London. While studying and working in the theatre and film industry in Los Angeles, Laventia discovered a new outlet for artistic expression, music production. Her music draws influences from ambient cinematic scores, hard techno, trance and idm. Her sound can be described as dark and industrial, yet celestial and hypnotic.

20 Aug, 2022 · 58 min

Queer and non-conformist by nature, Portuguese-born producer and Berlin-based DJ Deepneue goes lengths to glorify a transgressive and sweaty vision of techno in post-Covid times. Through a new age sense of identity and utopian rebellion, Deepneue embodies a tongue-in-cheek personification of haute couture, erotica and art, genderlessly pushing a high energy spirit into dance music and the road that lays ahead.

06 Aug, 2022 · 60 min

Ana Rs is a producer and dj from Montenegro, also an owner of Interakt organisation. After a few years of enjoying, learning about dj-ing and music production, she begun a journey of serious portraying herself through a dark, experimental sound of techno and electro, which you make able to see dark side of dancefloor and especially sound,

24 Jul, 2022 · 60 min

Henry Brooks has been called “Detroit’s Next Generation of Techno Artists” by Paxahau and has a sound that is dark, driving, and melodic, yet still has elements of groove and rhythm. His sets are filled with energy and tension. Distorted sounds with rich, heavy basslines, chunky percussion, and melodic synth lines are something you can expect to hear when you see him live or listen to his mixes.

16 Jul, 2022 · 62 min

London born, Newcastle based Jacklyn is a techno DJ/Producer and a vinyl record collector. She is known for her fast-paced, rhythmic and pulse racing tracks with an abundance of soul. Her self released productions have favourably been supported across the techno scenes and heavily supported by DJs from the globe. Her sound travels through the most pummelling hard techno beats and mesmerising spoken vocals throughout the journey.

11 Jun, 2022 · 62 min

TSUNIMAN (she/they) is a London-based DJ part of the collectives Sisu and Co-Select. Originally from Switzerland, TSUNIMAN has lived in London for the past 6 years, where she studied Cultural Studies and Media at UAL. It was only after her first squat rave that she started to grow a strong interest in electronic music, which led her to want to get behind the decks.

04 Jun, 2022 · 62 min

AYLIN IDAH was born to a Turkish mother and Persian father and was raised in Berlin, Kreuzberg.
As a former drummer, her transitions are on point and she's ready to double-bass your guts out. 
She keeps rolling the punches with hard hitting groovy mixes that guarantee to keep you moving with its relentless high energy bangers.

29 May, 2022 · 61 min

KILIMANJARO, hailing from Southern Africa, raised in Scotland and now residing in London, combines his background of Afro-centric rhythms and influences with the fast paced energies of the western electronic scene, where he has learned and perfected his craft over the past few years. With releases on the way in 2022 and plenty of shows and festivals to boot this summer, there’s a lot to look forward to from KILIMANJARO.

26 May, 2022 · 60 min

Berlin based Proxima Centauri and founder of the collective KVETCH is an electronic music artist - mainly spinning records and producing. Their sound consists of heavy basses and hard rhythms. Their interest in combining 90’s techno elements, rave-y tracks and contemporary sounds is what drives their sets.The DJ sets are covered by one of the two members, while together they perform LIVE.

19 Mar, 2022 · 57 min

Carmen Electro is a Finnish DJ who came to love techno while living in London and Berlin, discovering artists like DVS1, Blawan, Dax J, and Hector Oaks who to this date have strongly influenced her energetic selections. Over the past couple of years, she’s regularly appeared on Berlin’s HÖR radio, where she’s gained attention with her vinyl-only sets.

12 Mar, 2022 · 60 min

"Deepsomnia" by Alinep is a word that not only defines his style and sound but also represents his true passion for the music he plays, by which he has succeeded in becoming a DJ, Producer, Label owner, Radio Host and a Promoter. In his almost 20 year old music career, Alinep has released his music in numerous record labels and manages his very own techno only label, Deepsomnia Records. 

06 Mar, 2022 · 65 min

From a young age on, the Dutch and formerly Belgium based @amekmar has been passionate about music and all it has to offer. Ever since getting her first cassette tapes followed by a Discman and CD’s, music was played all day, every day. Her musical talent and growth haven’t been left unnoticed. Her development is paying off and has already taking her to venues such as Ampere, Club Vaag, Basis and Razance – but also festivals like Dour, Extrema Outdoor and Tomorrowland. 

26 Feb, 2022 · 60 min

SUERTE gradually takes you into a sometimes dark and melancholic universe due to the very rhythmic and powerful nature of her style, she makes us discover her eclectic tastes in different atmospheres and styles of Techno. In her musical universe you will find industrial sounds, ravy synths. but also Hard Techno, Hard Trance and even R&B tracks.

19 Feb, 2022 · 60 min

Nakamo's sound drifts through different worlds and eras merging driving techno, melodic textures and nostalgic grooves with a futuristic twist. Nakamo started her DJ journey in 2020 across the North London party scene crafting podcasts over lockdown for London based techno collectives. She made her debut at award-winning artist led space and nightclub FOLD. Since then, she has made quite a name for herself across London’s club scene.

12 Feb, 2022 · 68 min

Two creative minds capable of unifying the sensory spheres of sight and sound into a single element. This is the synaesthesia that connected Laura and Thea alias Hēi project, an all-female duo “one of the most promising on the Italian Berlin scene” (cit. Parkett Channel). A courageous challenge that continues to find the engagement of an audience that is willing to indulge in a dreamlike flow made of sounds and images.

06 Feb, 2022 · 68 min

Fatimja has been on a meteoric rise for a year, a mainly Techno Berlin based DJ, 
She has the art and the way to mix devastating beats and destructive kicks, delivers his generosity during his sets; acid sounds, minimal, melodic, dubs and techno, here is the perfect recipe. For the CELUI set, the artist has given us a little surprise with a special positive energy and epic old school flavours.

29 Jan, 2022 · 60 min

jiimi is a Hard Techno/Ambient producer and DJ based in Hamilton, Canada. Poetically crafting drones and textures against hard kicks, she defines her sound through an ominous lens. In 2021, jiimi debuted her first hard techno release with M:31 Recordings, charting internationally on Beatport’s Hard Techno Top 100 Releases

22 Jan, 2022 · 62 min

Buying vinyl since 26 years, raving since 19 years, organising parties for 12 years, but DJing only since September 2020! Who would have thought that COVID-19 would make her pick up the vinyl and play records after all those years?! But hey, it's never too late!

15 Jan, 2022 · 90 min


17 Dec, 2021 · 60 min

DJ Sickfuck aka Leeza Shumova is Russian-American DJ/Producer whose heavily sample-based production style focuses on ghetto/jungle/electro mashups and raw emotional bangers that have been featured on FTP, Clandestine Records and Raw Russian. Founder of the Weird Nights tape label and series of AV events dedicated to experimental music, 1/3 of BRB badrussianbitchez and a member of @resonancemsk, she most recently helped launch M+ST @mostmoscow online music streaming platform.

10 Dec, 2021 · 60 min

The story behind the mix starts from the dark. Dark sounds reflect a time which we are living in. We move on like cheeky kids through the jumping rhythms of life and trying to resist the system with our musical language. We know the truth, we grow up, things happen but in the end we finally find freedom.

04 Dec, 2021 · 60 min

Miss Behave, the 20 y/o Aussie only recently entered the scene - coronavirus lockdowns drove her to explore her passion for music which birthed her newfound love for Djing. Since starting to mix in 2019, she has experimented with a variety of sounds, ranging from ghetto and Detroit house, acid, minimal, deep house, techno, and everything in between. 

26 Nov, 2021 · 65 min

Raketka was born and raised in Minsk, Belarus, where she started to collect and play records in 2007. Back then it was mainly Detroit, Acid and Dub Techno and has later developed into more 'out of genre' styles from Noise to Dark Wave and IDM to Hard Core.

19 Nov, 2021 · 73 min

During lockdown I really missed clubbing. Before I always wondered if I enjoyed the camaraderie of being out with friends more than the actual club experience itself, but not having that as part of my weekend rotation felt like I was missing something. Swaying in the dark, pressed up against sweaty bodies, feeling the bass rise in your throat, I missed all of that. 

12 Nov, 2021 · 57 min

Young producer and DJ Kichi Kazuko from the «Dots» crew in Kiev. Kichi Kazuko is a representative of the Kyiv undergraund club stage. Kichi Kazuko the phrase is taken from japanes of culture. Kichi means good, Kazuko is a cheerful child. The real name Kichi is Inna. Inna collects vinyl and has recently become interested modular synthesis. Also Kichi promoter, and most recently curator of the label Kazuko Music. 

06 Nov, 2021 · 62 min

Empathy is key. And remember, keep it sexy. Laure Croft (Laure Dirven), 26 y/o Dutchie, have been in the event scene since her 18th. Worked as a bouncer, bar/cloakroom staff, stage manager and went to parties. Made touchdowns in the house scene, hardcore scene, and now she is finally feeling home in the underground (queer) techno scene.

29 Oct, 2021 · 62 min

Tom Koren is a Tel-Aviv born, Haifa based DJ, artist booker, creative director and former music writer. With a longstanding affiliation towards hip hop + R&B as well as club culture—and after over a decade of dabbling in DJing as a part-time hobby—she has recently taken a deeper step into the field, with the purpose of expanding the horizons of the local electronic music scene and challenging fixed conventions by bringing unexplored sounds onto the dancefloor.

15 Oct, 2021 · 60 min

Current Call (Maria Kalinina) is from Nizhniy Novgorod where she started her journey as a DJ. She moved to Moscow and was a member of Rabitza, Monasterio, Mutabor, and many others. She had made a prominent mark in Saint Petersberg while playing at parties with Sumeba Miyako in Shtackenshnider, Клуб, Yeezech, and others.

08 Oct, 2021 · 59 min

This mix is loaded with powerful beats from the underground of my dusty city. I express a huge respect to the dudes whose tracks are bombed in this mix. 
Inside there are two crazy tracks from SHPALERNAYA GANG. This is a gang of three friends. Me, DJ ANUNAK and Citizen Pablo.


01 Oct, 2021 · 70 min

Female Techno DJ since 2013, based in Berlin. Her sense of electronic music was already shaped by her brother in the 90s. Eliza sees music as an expression of her own emotions, which gives her a sense of freedom. This is also reflected in the selection of their tracks. A driving, deep but also very varied techno sound.

24 Sept, 2021 · 60 min

DJ/Producer born in Osaka on a new year’s day of 1995. Even before he was born, he already had a prenatal influence such as Joey Beltram and Dave Angel and was exposed to various electronic music who is literally from a second generation. He had so much influence other than techno, and with a motto "Techno is not a genre but an attitude to face it." in his heart, his music selection goes beyond genre and is focused on story-telling.

12 Sept, 2021 · 60 min

Grinderteeth is the multi-media solo project of Norwegian Veslemøy Rustad Holseter. It’s name originating from a consolidation of the name of Holseter’s hometown ‘Grinder’ and its town-sigil which is a line of wolves-teeth. As a producer Grinderteeth utilizes live improvisation through live electronics, Ableton Live and Max Msp to build cathedral-drenched, noise soundscapes blending pounding beats with layered manipulated vocals.

03 Sept, 2021 · 60 min

Yiota is a UK based DJ from Greece that began her career in electronic music in 2020. She started her musical journey in her teens as a drummer where she began to develop a passion for interesting rhythms. Her background in drumming led to her singing the percussive parts of tracks and mixing them together into one cohesive set. 

27 Aug, 2021 · 60 min

This mix combines all shades of hot summer parties that we missed so much during these strange times. This story is a journey that begins at sunset with its soft rays of the sun, warm breaks and synths. All this flow smoothly turns into a hot night full of fun, dance and now you can hear familiar hits or some old school vibes blended in one shaker. You don't wanna stop already. You are hostage to the rhythm and you will dance (all night long).

20 Aug, 2021 · 92 min

Freiburg-based DJ from Colombia, her DJ sets are eclectic and retro journeys through sounds from breaks, spacial sounds, electro, and a mixture of melodic and dark energetic beats. With a robotics research background, she is explorative and curious about human-human and human-technology relationships around music. Considering music as a melodic and melancholic way to dance, she exploits energetic sensory expression through body movement.

13 Aug, 2021 · 90 min

Karina Saakyan has been around for 20 years, but she never sounded as fresh as now. She is strong, but not tough and extremely energetic with the ability to play for many hours that still keep it growing from track to track. She is delivering her vibe that is something between underground and communicative sound. All-around well-picked acid, techno, electro and house rarities. 

06 Aug, 2021 · 55 min

Queer and non-conformist by nature, Portuguese-born producer and Berlin-based DJ Deepneue goes lengths to glorify a transgressive and sweaty vision of techno in post-Covid times. Through a new age sense of identity and utopian rebellion, Deepneue embodies a tongue-in-cheek personification of haute couture, erotica and art, genderlessly pushing a high energy spirit into dance music and the road that lays ahead.

29 Jul, 2021 · 60 min

Patrisha is a DJ and Radio Host based in London, with an encyclopaedic knowledge of UK Rave sounds, from 2-step and breaks to trance and left field techno. Music has always come naturally to Patrisha, finding herself a key figure in the UK underground long before she stepped up behind the decks. 
Cutting her teeth at Boiler Room, Worldwide FM, and London’s Oval Space and The Pickle Factory, she would stay behind after broadcasting hours.

27 Jul, 2021 · 65 min

Carmen Electro and A:telierés met while riding through the Covid-19 pandemic and immediately agreed on their love for fast bpm, cheesy trance and horses. Their b2b sets are fast, melodic journeys through modern progressive trance that gallops into the realms of psy-trance, as well as trance with hard house and groovy techno influences.

08 Jul, 2021 · 58 min

Young Majli is an alias of Marta Malinowska, a DJ and radio host based in Warsaw, currently working at Radio 357, the spiritual successor to the legendarny Trójka. Despite moving to the capital, she has a strong connection to the Wrocław scene centered around the Regime Brigade crew.

02 Jul, 2021 · 65 min

Nadine has been playing records under various monikers since 2010. She explores the boundaries of house and techno, interspersed with funky disco cuts or acidic electro jams. Combining old, new, rough and polished, her sets can be described as eclectic and mood-based. It shows in her performances, a blend of carefully selected gems from three decades of dance music.

25 Jun, 2021 · 66 min

Tini Weng, is a DJ and ballet dancer based in Berlin. She expressed her love for music in classical ballet for years until she started to move on with Chicago house tunes some years ago and played in different clubs in Berlin. Her evolution however, began in 2018 when she and three friends started a new free spirit party, called Private Parts and also became a resident of the Genderlich family.

18 Jun, 2021 · 60 min

My basic motto is “pleasant betrayal". In a positive sense, I also call this "unexpectedness". 
In the past, this was an intention towards other people. But, it has become rusty during the punishing period when I was forced to stay away from this feeling. Slowly, I've gradually worked off the rust over time, as a result, now I find pleasure in betraying myself. 

11 Jun, 2021 · 95 min

Alexi Shell is an hybrid artist based in Paris, swimming between music, clothing design and performance. As her music is balancing between bewitching softness and violence, she delivers DJsets that navigate between heavy bass and incantatory club melodies.

04 Jun, 2021 · 47 min

Lara Kuzmanic, argentinian dj born in the city of Comodoro Rivadavia, Patagonia. Her career began in 2019 in Buenos Aires, where she lives now. She has already played at several parties in Paraguay. Resident in females crew, NotDolls Argentina, and Disturbio, crew with a gender perspective. She is an Acid lover. In her sets, she plays Acid Core, Techno, Tribe, Trance. She is characterized by creating different atmospheres in high bpm.

28 May, 2021 · 48 min

Gocci Bosca is the artist name behind Agostina, who born in the town of Buenos Aires, Argentina. She got involved in electronic music at an early age, working in clubs like a RRPP, studying piano and making the career of Technical Production Professional in Electronic Music at Escuela de Música de Buenos Aires (EMBA). It was running the 2011, when she finish her studies and kick off doing in different cities and clubs all around her country. 

21 May, 2021 · 60 min

Podryzhanya ( Anastasiia Vlasenko) is a dj, produser born in Ukraine, Kharkiv.
Shum Rave’s resident is working with her team to promote the techno and rave scene in eastern Ukraine. She hits the dancefloor with breakbeat and hypnotic techno and her sets lead people into a sincere, frank, dancing trance.

14 May, 2021 · 60 min

Vel - Vel is a Moroccan artist living in Lyon and sharing her passion for music with the local scene as part of the French crew « Papa Maman ». Her psychedelics sets reveal a powerful selection of her favourite’s labels releases such as Semantica, PoleGroup, HAYES. On top of her DJ sets, you can find her playing live with In Aeternam Vale for a more intense and mental touch.

07 May, 2021 · 69 min

LaRensch, DJ from Hanover, who makes you dance with her intense and thrilling sounds since 2018. With her sets she intuitively and spontaneously creates sounds with melodic techno influences and vibes from italo disco and indie dance - in a nutshell a surprise - sometimes more technoid and driving, sometimes colorful and light, always perfectly imperfect combined. Which ease she breaches genre lines and carries over musical freedom that encourages you to let go.

16 Apr, 2021 · 75 min

YOOLY is a DJ, Songwriter and Singer from Kyiv, Ukraine. She went from a classical pianist and frontwoman of a trip-hop and synth-pop project to an adherent of acid techno and trance. Because of the hard sound, everyone calls her Mother Cobra.

09 Apr, 2021 · 53 min

CPSL is solo the project of the musician Maria Veretennikova from Moscow. Her music style blends Breakbeat / Electro grooves with Techno sounds, combining shades of Ambient and texture elements of IDM music. In her live performances, she uses her large vinyl collection using rare drums breaks or personal tracks. In her studio, she composes music using Ableton live, Elektron devices and different modular synths.

02 Apr, 2021 · 56 min

Current Call (Maria Kalinina) is from Nizhniy Novgorod where she started her journey as a DJ. She moved to Moscow and was a member of Rabitza, Monasterio, Mutabor, and many others. She had made a prominent mark in Saint Petersberg while playing at parties with Sumeba Miyako in Shtackenshnider, Клуб, Yeezech, and others.

26 Mar, 2021 · 60 min

Evidance is a DJ and event organizer from Moscow, Russia. Her preferences developed from being into rap music in her teenage years, especially of Russian origin, and as she deeply immersed herself into the rave scene since 2017.

19 Mar, 2021 · 44 min

Mathias Weber is a natural dancer and the co-founder of Front Left Records. His style is diverse and full of acid, trance, banging and deep textures. Keeping it groovy, keeping it fun, Mathias brings the joy into his sets at all times and makes sure the crowd feels it too.
Based in Berlin, Mathias keeps a close connection to the dancefloor and takes a huge inspiration from the nightlight experience.

12 Mar, 2021 · 62 min

Dasha Mazur is a dj, sound designer and promoter born in Saint-Petersburg which is also known as the ‘club capital’ of Russia. Being under the influence of developing the underground music scene of her city since an early age, she starts her way as an artist in 2011. Growing up on a steady diet of drum&bass, breakbeat, and the blossoming techno scene, she manages to encompass such a wide range of these influences.

05 Mar, 2021 · 60 min

After many nights spent dancing, Genelelle found her way behind the decks in 2017. Starting with melodic techno, she quickly discovered her dedication for a faster and darker sound and for now has settled somewhere between EBM, Industrial, and Hard Techno, topped off with some trancy influences.

26 Feb, 2021 · 80 min

Valeria is an emerging DJ from Rome, Italy, and loves music since she was a child. Her sound has been influenced through numerous dance-floors, clubs, and festivals across Europe. In particularly, Berlin and in Rome, where the Goa Club played a prominent role in her musical growth. Her darker sounds with the introspective vision of harmonies range between minimal beats, electro, breaks.

19 Feb, 2021 · 58 min

DJ producer based in Slovenia. Marta always delivers unforgettable sets, which are the result of talent, focus on crowd feedback, and especially her love of eclectic music genres and styles. She was also a guest on some of the biggest and most prominent festivals all across the region, such as Exit Festival, Dimensions Festival, Flow Festival, Lighthouse Festival, Eco Festival, Freshwave festival, and played at some strong clubs across Europe. 

12 Feb, 2021 · 56 min

Carmen Electro is a Finnish born DJ and producer whose selections are strongly influenced by the eclectic 1990s. Educated on the dance floors of London and Berlin, her favourite selections feature elements from techno, electro, bass music, UK influence as well as trance & acid. She is the co-founder of @feisty_recordings and she recently found herself getting into production after completing a production & engineering course.

15 Jan, 2021 · 62 min

Lana is a DJ from Serbia from the city of Novi Sad. She is 14 years old and loves music since she was a child. She started DJing in 2019 at the suggestion of her mum. Since then she has performed at Exit Festival in Novi Sad as the youngest DJ ever played on that festival as well on the Garden of Dreams Festival in Sarajevo. She has started producing her own music from the beginning of 2020.

01 Jan, 2021 · 56 min

Roman Goryachev (Rayme) is a Russian producer from the city of Tula near Moscow. Rayme began writing music in 2010 and has since produced many works in various genres, including bass, electro, techno, and ambient. He has released on Russian "Get Busy" record label and his tracks have recently been featured on Nina Kraviz's "Hot Steel: Round 2" and Anastasia Kristensen’s Rewire & Acquire

25 Dec, 2020 · 60 min

Queer and non-conformist by nature, Portuguese-born producer and Berlin-based DJ Deepneue goes lengths to glorify a transgressive and sweaty vision of techno in post-Covid times. Through a new age sense of identity and utopian rebellion, Deepneue embodies a tongue-in-cheek personification of haute couture, erotica and art, genderlessly pushing a high energy spirit into dance music and the road that lays ahead.

11 Dec, 2022 · 60 min

Evin is the co-founder of Berlins’s favorite party entertainment service Dimenzione Danza, a club night for daring DJs, drag performers, and overall freak bitches that have been put to hold for obvious reasons. With this mix, she is on a mission to tide you over this period of closed venues and deserted dancefloors, showcasing the many facets of her sound.

04 Dec, 2020 · 55 min

Based in Panama City. Influenced in the early days by the electronic environment in his natal country, he has reached a level of music from minimal to techno. Always Focused on the technique and the essential taste of music to give a special sense to the crowd, have played in Venezuela, Mexico, and the best clubs

20 Nov, 2021 · 124 min

DJ producer based in Lyon. She takes her musical inspiration at home or at a rave party. Her productions have a very dark-industrial techno atmosphere with sound of hardcore and acid.She gives DJ set from industrial and rave techno with a bit of hardcore and trap to keep you awake all night long.

13 Nov, 2020 · 88 min

Growing up in the late '90s she was influenced by the new electronic spirit in Europe. She has performed with some of the key persons in today’s techno music as well as played in various European clubs and festivals. The most significant ones were opening dark techno set for Coyu, playing alongside Claptone, Fernanda Martins, Reiner Zonneveld, Clara Cuvé, Uto Karem, Insolate, Umek as well as playing her set on Ibiza Sonica Radio, Spain.

06 Nov, 2020 · 62 min

MILLIE FORSBERG is Originally from Berlin, Millie's taste in music has been shaped by growing up in the world’s capital of Techno. Living in Melbourne (AUS) for 4 years and sharing her passion for electronic music with people from all over the world made her evolve further musically and develop her own sound which is ruled by melodic basslines, full kick drums and captivating rhythms.

16 Oct, 2020 · 60 min

Ellis Raily is a Latvian Dj and producer. His musical style combines deep and melodic house, tech, and techno with influences of funk and disco. The newcomer started his musical journey in 2014 and has been actively participating in various events and is looking forward to expanding his horizon as Dj and studio artist.

09 Oct, 2020 · 60 min

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