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About Cressida

Born in the UK and based in Berlin, Cressida’s sound is a cross-pollination of these two sonic spectrums - the rhythmic, dystopian force of Techno fused with a sound embedded in various points of the UK Hardcore Continuum


Cressida marked his first release “Salvation“ EP on Nur Jaber’s OSF label and tracks on compilations for both Dax J’s Monnom Black and Mord in 2018. After two more EPs on Voitax he contributed a track to the Midnight Shift x Voitax collab LP in late 2020. Far from going unnoticed, his work has been heralded by luminary artists such as Dax J, Paula Temple, Rebekah, FJAAK to name a few.

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heritage: deep rooted pick by the artist throught their artistic journey

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vibes: things went little out of hand more than electronic music the artist throught their artistic journey

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now listning: current favouraites by the artist. Tracks that you can’t miss.

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