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"Absolu is not born for one corner; the whole world is our aboriginal land".

Available Mixes

Gracie T is a DJ, drummer & secondary school teacher from the North East of England. Since making waves during their boiler room b2b with Chandé, Gracie T has been touring the UK and Europe with their eclectic sounds of everything from bassline to footwork. Gracie T has a residency on BBC Asian Network and runs the platform for underrepresented artists & DJs - The Beatriarchy.

18 Jul, 2022 · 76 min

Blume was raised in the underground electronic scene of Buenos Aires and now is based in Berlin. Her sets reflect the broad dynamics of her style —a personal brew of odd melodies, dancefloor-shattering breaks, and devotion for all things experimental.

27 Mar, 20 · 123 min

Nonante was born in Belgium and is based in Paris. She started DJing in 2020 while taking an active part in the Rinse France Workshops and has since shared decks with the Camille Camille sessions

20 Mar, 2022 · 60 min

VZLINE, a.k.a. Eileen Vazquez, is a London and Dubai based music producer and DJ - born in Houston TX, of French and Turkish origin, grew up in Dubai and has lived in London for over 5 years. VZLINE is a musically versatile artist, as she blends a mix of genres - classical, jazz, rock, and electronic, with her signature dreamy melodies and harmonies.

06 Mar, 2022 · 60 min

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